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Contact Diana Earle Island View Bed and Breakfast

Diana B Earle
5 Sherwood Springs Rd
Mallorytown Ontario
K0E 1R0

613 345-3077

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At the Island View Bed and Breakfast we welcome having children
stay with us.  Victor and I do not have young children
and we just are thrilled when people come to stay
with small children.
- Diana Earle

Seen here are two of our recent visitors playing in bed
and when you put your mouse over the image you can see
them blowing soap bubbles from our front porch.

Mary and Mark first visited in the summer of 2000.
At that time, Evelyn was about 6 months old.
Well! She became my little dolly.
Mary was ravenous as she was breast feeding Evelyn.
Mark was very happy to drink coffee and chat with Victor.

Evelyn was glued to my hip as I cooked pancake after pancake for Mary and Victor in the kitchen.
They came back a couple of weeks ago. My little dolly is now 5 1/2, and she brought her
little brother Christian. He is 3 1/2. Mary is still hungry, and Mark is ‘filling out’.

The children loved my little cornbreads shaped liked miniature corncobs dipped in syrup,
but the real attraction of the weekend were Potter and Emma.

Potter with the children

Both pets are gentle, and very social, and extremely attentive to whoever holds ‘the cookies”.
Evelyn and Christian got lots of attention, while Potter and Emma got fat!
We loved having them. Mary and Mark are wonderful parents.
They supervise their children very closely, and treat my home as if it were their home.

- Diana Earle

Emma charms a wee visitor from France under
the dining room table

Diana and Victor with a little guest

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