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Contact Diana Earle Island View Bed and Breakfast

Diana B Earle
5 Sherwood Springs Rd
Mallorytown Ontario
K0E 1R0

613 345-3077

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Your hosts Diana and Victor

Diana in the Kitchen

I love to eat. I enjoy cooking. That is a good combination.
 Pleasing my guests at the dinner table is my pleasure.
I will spoil any guest who stays longer than one night.
As I learn what they like, I raise the bar, and try to surprise.
I can cook comfort, healthy, and/or spectacular.
Let's talk!

I love to eat. I enjoy cooking. That is a good combination. Pleasing my guests at the dinner table is my pleasure.

Everyone has a different palate. Generally they fall into a sweet or a savory pattern. Some folks like creamy, others prefer dry and crunchy. I like to talk to my guests when they book, and get a feel for their likes, and for their needs here.

In order to help people with diet and nutrition issues, I am happy to prepare them the foods needed to be comfortable and confident during their (much needed) holiday 

I have learned a great deal about various diets. We are all familiar with vegetarian, low fat, and low sugar diets. Alkaline diet, Nightshade free diet, Gluten free diet, Specific Carbohydrate diet,  and the Candida diet have become familiar territory for me. I enjoy using my creativity to find ways to please the palate.

At that point, I use my imagination to create breakfasts for them. When there is more than one group in, we need to compromise. Often the menu is designed around the first ones to book. I rarely use a recipe. Spontaneity is much more fun for me, and I like to combine unusual flavours. What is in season is what is on the table.

Every thing is real food, made from scratch.

 Our Thanks to Wenny Yuan
for the use of this photo

Kitchen at Island View Bed and Breakfast 1000 Islands Canada

Kitchen at Island View Bed and Breakfast

When Umberto comes, I always make sure to have hot freshly made orange date
muffins for him, along with a cup of tea. Did you realize how much Italians love
the taste of oranges?

Umberto would be in heaven to sit with his mug of black coffee and munch on toast
(no butter) lavished with homemade orange marmalade.

When Loris came, I knew what to serve him. Toast, no butter, and marmalade.

Toasted almonds were the crowning touch for him.

Dining Room Island View B&B 1000 Islands Canada

Dining Room

Bertha and her mother Georgina always come in on their way to or from music camp at Lac Macdonald.
Last summer I was fooling around with pancakes and freshly picked juicy local strawberries.

 The first day I tried it, they were my panel of food experts.
Big thumbs up!

Breakfast with Guests at Island View B&B - July 2009

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