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Contact Diana Earle Island View Bed and Breakfast

Diana B Earle
5 Sherwood Springs Rd
Mallorytown Ontario
K0E 1R0

613 345-3077

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Innkeepers - Diana Earle & Victor Limbeek

Original Acrylic painting of Diana and Victor
by Sheila Ballantyne

Your Hosts Diana and Victor, Potter, Emma, and Marie

Victor and I have turned a lot of corners in our lives.

Victor started out as a banker. He worked for Scotiabank for 11 years in the loans department. Then he worked with a tour bus company out of northern New York State. At that point he became a dual citizen, and is proud of it. He did that for 10 years. Then he became a Journeyman Electrician, as did all the other men in his family. Currently, he uses his finance and construction skills as a developer.

Victor Limbeek Island View Bed and Breakfast

His parents came from Holland in 1952. He now carries a triple heritage, and is enriched by it.

For 12 years I was a high school English and Drama teacher. I turned to Property Management for another 12. (Two very different hats!) My pottery hobby turned into the longest lived career in my life. I have been a professional Clay Artist for over 25 years. As you may guess, one can never leave the teacher side behind! The experience from my first career has become a lifelong complementary skill.

We started the B&B 5 years ago.

Victor and I love Nature. Gardening, cycling, kayaking, and cross country skiing are things we enjoy together. The home we have built together reflects this.

Best of all, we enjoy how others can enrich our lives.


We have a son Brent, who has graduated from Chemical Engineering at Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. He is currently studying Naval Seamanship in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Potter and Emma share the innkeeper duties with us. Victor and I often sigh when guests leave, and say to each other “pets are the best toys in the world.”

Potter at Island View B&B

Potter is our 7 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. She and I loved going to school together, and she is smart enough to realize that trying to please is very rewarding. She tries so hard to perform, and revels in learning new mind games. Victor is her match! They make up games, but Potter always knows that she will win in the end. She is the perfect combination of gentle, calm, obedient, and wild puppy.

Emma is a lady. She is a lady of avoirdupois. As Victor says, she is a pillow cat. Emma is an indoor cat, which is a form of self-preservation when a kitty lives on the edge of a forest. She is very social, and loves to chat. When I did studio tours she would position herself on a table by the door, and speak right up if not noticed. “She is short, and round, and happiest when the centre of attention.” Pretty face, full figured. She does not sit on your lap, she does not scratch my furniture, but will sit and chat whilst you are sitting, having your tea. She loves to help Diana confirm reservations by e-Mail!.

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