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Contact Diana Earle Island View Bed and Breakfast

Diana B Earle
5 Sherwood Springs Rd
Mallorytown Ontario
K0E 1R0

613 345-3077

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Pottery Studio

Sherwood Springs Pottery Studio

Sherwood Springs Pottery Studio
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DIANA B. EARLE - Clay Artist 

   I have been working with clay since 1976, and became a professional potter in 1984. I specialize in finely crafted functional thrown ware, hand built and sculptural Raku pieces, as well as Smoke-fired sculpture and vessels. My ongoing training in clay has been provided by St. Lawrence College and St. Lawrence Summer School of the Arts, the latter providing invaluable courses in advanced and specialized techniques. 

   I was on the Board of “ FUSION: The Ontario Association of Clay and Glass ”, for five years. Attendance at numerous conferences and workshops in Ontario and the northeastern United States has also furthered my artistic development. My personal style reflects my philosophical approach to clay: one in which time loses meaning and tranquility takes over. Consequently, my work emanates a comfortable, peaceful aura, combining harmoniously with careful attention to technique. 

    Currently, I have been exploring more sculptural forms and enjoying the evolution of my skills. For the moment, the tranquil nature of my work remains constant. The challenge for me lies not in the change of form so much as in a transfer of mood from one form to another. Raku and Smoke firing my work is particularly satisfying to me. The firing creates an energy that enhances my work. In a sense, my tranquility and the fire’s energy have become partners.   

Diana's Retrospective Gallery

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Thanks to Dr Kelli Blunt, and Bonnie DesOrmeaux 
for giving permission to record images of their
private collections of Diana B. Earle's clay art.

Photo credits - Joe Lor, Anne Edgar,
Sue Deschene, and Brent Davis

    I joined the Art Colony of the 1000 Islands in 1997, and began running two of their studio tours per year, beginning in 1998. Developing artistic liaisons has been very rewarding. I really enjoy working with and promoting other artists. Marketing the tours has been fascinating, and rewarding. Being involved in the Studio tours has opened up a world of new friendships with my visitors. Their strong affirmation of my work is rewarding, and inspiring. My work has been shown both in Canada and the United States.

    I am proud to have my work in collections worldwide.  

   That world of visitors from away has helped my life to evolve. I am now running Island View Bed and Breakfast, which I enjoy very much. It is very exciting to meet the world at my breakfast table.

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