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Things to Do - Get Away Adventures

Your Hosts Diana and Victor

Ship Watching


A CSL Laker Passing through the Narrow Channel Nar Brockville

Seeing Ships in the St Lawrence Seaway

Most people who live in the urban centres except those who live along of the St Lawrence Seaway never have the privilege of viewing Ocean or Lake Ships up close while they are underway.

The opportunity exists at no charge for people who go to the public park at Block House Island in Brockville. ( a mere 10 minute drive from Island View B&B)

At Block House Island the ships pass very close to where you can park your car and some are even close enough where you can actually see the helmsman and of course read the name of the ship on the bow and stern of the ships. The problem of course lies with the fact that you do not know when the ships will appear.  By using the Internet and going to   and by clicking on the St Lawrence Seaway tab it will bring you to a map that locates ships in the Seaway. Note: Ships carrying flammable materials and navy ships are not listed for security reasons.

At Blockhouse Island there are benches, picnic tables, free parking, and a great place to pick up a cool ice cream cone while you sit and relax waiting for ships or just people watching.

For being more up close and personal with the ships... Take a drive to the Iroqouis Locks ( about an hour's drive from Island View B&B) Here are locks that raise the ships and if you look off to the East, you can see the control dam that controls the amount of water used by the massive hydro dams located at Cornwall Ontario.

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